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What do you get when you throw a husband, two daughters, full time RV travel, essential oils, and a full time business together?…. My life! Welcome! Kick your feet up, browse around, and let’s share this journey of life together!

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Stephanie Hey guys! I’m 38 years old, the wife of my best friend, Miguel, and the mom of the most rocking girls, Adaliah and Eliana! I own my own business where I sell and teach people how to use essential oils to meet their health goals. I love people, animals of all kinds (especially elephants, goats, and dogs), reading, traveling, gardening, hiking, being outdoors adventuring, time spent with friends/family and hugs! Hugs are my favorite.

Miguel Hi! I’m married to the beautiful, Stephanie Calderon. I travel full time with her and my two girls. I am currently working with a Tech-Startup called Fanward where I edit vlogs for artists. My wife’s business, minimizing our lives, and traveling in an RV has freed up my time to pursue the things I really love and enjoy. Some of these things are hiking, astrology, Doctor Who, movies, and spending time with my family. 

Adaliah Hey! I am Stephanie’s 12 year old daughter. I love my family and spending time with them! I enjoy listening to music and you may hear me burst into karaoke at any time, reading sci-fi romance, hiking, learning survival skills, and watching crime shows with my mom . I love going on adventures in our rv. I hope you love my mom’s website!

Eliana Hi! I am Stephanie’s other daughter and I am 8! I like baby dolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, swimming, and making crafts out of recycled materials! Everything I need is right here in the RV so I LOVE it! Oh…. and zebras. I love zebras… And that’s all I have to say.. Oh! And unicorns.. I LOVE UNICORNS!!!

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Essential Oils. Help, assist and support. The world needs to be more like essential oils.”


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