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Want to relax or sleep better? Need some more energy? Want to open your airways, or just want a yummy smell in your home? Check out this awesome list of diffuser recipes!


Cleaning Recipes

Want to ditch the toxic chemicals in your home but aren't sure where to start? Click here for simple, inexpensive, all natural cleaning recipes.


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Do you want clearer skin, stronger hair and stronger, longer nails? Then click here for beauty recipes that are so natural you could eat most of them!

Why Essential Oils?

I have heard it all….”you are so new age”, “you are such a hippie”, “tree hugger”, and on I could go. But…you know what? That doesn’t bother me at all! You see…..I WANT to be different than what is going on with the current trends in our society. We have more medical advancement than any time in history, but my question is….are we healthier because of it? According to the statistics on various health concerns the answer is no. So, maybe it is time to do something different. With this in mind I am by no means anti doctors, anti medicine, or anti western medicine. I am just pro-health. And I have found that many times the answer to the question lies in nature.

So Where do I Buy Oils?

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