The Why

I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath for the answer to why I’m homeschooling when I never had the desire to do so. Because to be honest, I kind of went into it kicking and screaming and I felt like I was left with no choice and here’s why.

1. I was bothered more and more by the focus on standardized testing. Yes, I believe there has to be benchmarks for progress but I felt like this was now the entire focus of children’s education. Yes, my daughter was doing very well in school but was she truly learning? 

2. When we decided to travel full time… We literally had no choice because I wasn’t able to drop her off at her normal school every day. 

3. Education is very important to my family and I. But I had to ask myself the question, was the educational system equipping our children with life skills? Not simply just book knowledge? 

These three factors became the foundation for the decision to homeschool our children. 


The How

Once the decision was made, I flew into research mode. What requirements did my state have? Which curriculum best met those requirements? What was going to be my “style” of homeschooling. And what ultimately was going to be my goals in the education of my children? The requirement part was pretty easy. I went to her school and got the forms from the superintended’s office. Now the hard part started… Which curriculum should we use? I researched online, joined homeschooling group forms, connected with other homeschooling families, and finally decided upon the Abeka curriculum. In addition, I added daily Spanish lessons, a chapter of reading in a book, and daily writing in a journal. I also include life skill lessons such as budgeting, meal preparation, exercise, yoga, entrepreneur and business lessons, and cooking. We did not have the easiest start to our homeschooling journey as my daughter and I sometimes butt heads.. However, I have learned to give grace, compassion, and love to my daughter as I am her mother first. But I also have to keep in mind to still hold firm standards for the outcome of her education.

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