So what do I do?

One of the first questions that I get when people find out about the adventure we’re on is “How do you pay your bills?!” So… I thought it would be a good idea to write an entire section explaining it! In a nutshell, I am a wellness advocate for an essential oil company called doTERRA. It is *gasp* a network marketing company! (More about this a little later…) I teach people how to use essential oils to help with their health, their kids’ health, and their pets’ health by replacing the chemicals in their life from their cleaning and beauty products. When people then choose to buy those essential oils from me, I make a commission off of their order. Teach enough people how to use essential oils and it can grow into a full time income that has replaced both my husband and my job. This has allowed us to live on the road, travel and explore, educate my kids through first hand experiences, and allow my husband to assist our friends with video editing with their tech startup company. 

Network Marketing?!

Now back to that network marketing bit.. It seems like people physically cringe when they hear those words and I use to be one of those people.. But you see, when your heart is in the right place to help people, you link arms with a company whose heart is in the same place, then throw in products that people need,  and want to help them, then this is a recipe for network marketing done right. Tell me any other business that you can run for such little money a month where the company provides you with your own website, maintains the website, has a whole customer service for you, keeps the inventory of the product, ships the product out for you, bills the customer, and provides education and training for your customers and individuals pursuing it as a business. As passionate as I am about essential oils, I would say I’m even more passionate about the business opportunity! Please do not hesitate to contact me  if you would like to chat about how having your own doTERRA business could help you create the life you love like we have done! 


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