Egads! I was scared to death to think that I had to instill knowledge in my children that would make them productive members of society. As much as I love my children, I'm sure they're going to leave and need to pay their own bills.. So why in heaven's name are we homeschooling them?



"They" say "less is more" and we are learning to live by that and love it! Find out how/why we went from a 5 bedroom, 2,200 square foot old farm house, to a 30 foot RV.


How We Pay Bills

My husband and I both work for a network marketing company, doTERRA essential oils full time. Want to find out how we were both able to walk away from our full time jobs and travel on just our doTERRA income?

Why an RV?

We’ve always loved to travel and we did it in the “typical American” way … By saving up and going during vacation days off work. However, several events forced us to take a look at our lives and see if we were truly happy with the way we were living it. I looked around and most people seemed frazzled, unhappy, and just living for retirement. 

Why, when we have so much, are we not happy? 

So, we sold most of what we had and with every sale, we felt more and more unburdened. We then took our kids out of public school, bought a vintage RV, remolded it, and hit the road! Our journey is to truly find what lights us up from the inside out and maybe bring a smile or two to others along the way. 


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